About Us

Ballarat Materials Handling Equipment

BMHE was born in 2003 to meet the needs of industry in Ballarat and Western Victoria. Starting out with manual handling aides such as hand trucks, trolleys, and lift tables from the TeamStar range, plastic storage containers from Fischer Plastic Products and Viscount Plastics, before joining up with Dexion Storage Systems in 2005, APEX racking in 2009 and
dipped our toes into packaging in 2009 and we continue to improve to our range of products every day. Using our position as an independent, family business to pick the best value products from our suppliers ranges to bring you a large and varied product range that we believe offers the best value for money.

BMHE (in the purple shed) can offer a complete storage solution for your warehouse, office or garage along with the equipment to assist you complete your daily tasks quickly, efficiently and most importantly, safely.

We also provide professional pallet racking services. We will install, relocate or remove any rack. We can inspect, report on and repair any rack, however, our capacity to load rate the racking varies based on the age and brand of pallet racking in question. 

Our Mission

Everyday we provide market leading solutions to industry for storage systems, handling equipment and packaging supplies.

Our Vision

To be valued and recommended for being a friendly, knowledgeable, efficient supplier.

Our Values

Safety, Integrity, Accountability, Commerciality, Fun

By following these principles we are an asset to your business and will assist your business in becoming a safe, efficient and profitable workplace.

We look forward to doing business with you.