Pallet Racking

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Dexion Pallet Racking - For those who want the best

Global Pallet Racking for the budget concious

Dexion is Australia’s largest single designer, manufacturer and
supplier of product storage equipment. It is also the only Australian
manufacturer that is part of an international company that
specialises in product storage.
Local knowledge. International strength.
Dexion operates in over 50 countries around the world. Its global
operations bring unrivalled design, technology, expertise and
manufacturing resources to the Australian marketplace.
Setting the standards.
For over 50 years, Dexion has set the standards that others have
followed. Today, nothing has changed. Dexion is committed to
producing the best industrial storage products on earth in every
major category from pallet racking to shelving, dynamic storage
systems and binning.
An unparalleled commitment to research and development combines
with highly sophisticated manufacturing facilities, both in Australia
and around the world, keeping Dexion at the forefront of storage
system technology, performance and cost effectiveness.
Systems tailored to your needs.
From shelves and binning to pallet racking suited to everything from
small storage facilities with a few bays of racking to large scale
warehouses measuring in the millions of cubic metres, Dexion tailors
storage solutions to your needs.
When it comes to supply chain knowledge and storage that makes a
business function productively and profitably, get the best in the
world – from Dexion.