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For a heavy duty workbench there is no better base than pallet racking. Used as a general workbench or a packaging bench or even a heavy duty steel top welding bench.
Castors can be added for flexibility.
The workbenches can be made in varying dimensions based on standard sizes
- 915mm High + thickness of top (with or without wheels)
- 840mm Front to Back (also 910mm, 1067mm, 1220mm, 1524mm
- Width (Left to Right) can vary 1552mm, 1714mm, 2780mm, 2930mm
It is also possible to have a back and high shelf on the workbench, in fact, there are so many variations it probably best you send us an email with what you would like and we'll email you back a price.

Workbench 2
Workbench 2