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Pallet Racking Safety Inspections

Ballarat Materials Handling Equipment

Pallet Racking Safety Inspections

BMHE offers independent pallet racking safety inspections as a service
We can inspect any brand of racking based on AS4084 (1993)(2012)(2023)
We will provide an online written report and certificate of inspection, and, if desired, a quote for any repairs required.
We recommend annual independent racking inspections and audits for most businesses along with more regular self inspections (monthly/quarterly depending on pallet turnover)
our website has been created specifically for this purpose.
Or send us an order here to book a date
pallet racking safety inspections checklist and guidance from Worksafe Victoria

What are the Australian standards for pallet racking?

Current standard for new installations is AS4084 (2023).
If you move or dismantle and reinstall your pallet racking it will need to meet the 2023 standard
If you modify your existing racking from its original design it will need to be tested and possibly upgraded to meet the 2023 standard
Your existing racking is only required to meet the standard in place at the time it was installed, until either of the above apply

How often does racking need to be inspected?

Worksafe just suggests “frequently”
AS4084 (2023) states
“Formal Inspections SHALL be conducted at intervals not exceeding 12 months”
and the Informal (self) inspection frequency should be based on a risk assessement or as recommended by a competent person

What should I look for in a racking inspection?

As stupid as it sounds the AS4084 is a copyrighted product, so i’ll have to summarise as i can’t reproduce it verbatim.

Is the racking being used for its original intended purpose?
Are the weights being stored within the safe working load sign limits
Is the safe working load sign free of damage, visible and legible.
Is there any visible damage to the racking (Frames, Beams, Baseplates) caused by impacts?
Check for missing beam safety locking clips/pins (front and rear of the rack)
Also checking the rust levels of components to monitor its progress

and for everyone who has attached the racking to the building – formal approval from a structural engineer is required,