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A selection of round lifting slings ranging from 1000kg to 10,000kg and 1 metre to 8 metres in length.
Colour coded, High Quality and certified to AS4497

High quality Round Lifting Slings, external fabric in bright colours is used to protect the internal fibres. Certified to AS4497.

Heavy-duty round slings are separated based on their capacities, you should check to make sure the capacity of the sling you choose aligns with your workplace’s needs. The round slings on the website range from 1 Tonne Rated Round Slings to 5 Tonne Rated Round Slings, but more sizes are available up to 10 tonnes and 10 metres. Each of the round lifting slings has been colour coded to signify their different load capacities.

Safety When Using Our Round Slings

Check the sling for any damage or wear and tear before and after each use.
You should also have a certified inspector to come and perform a visual inspection of your lifting slings at least once every 12 months.
Synthetic slings cannot be repaired in most cases, it is best to replace them once damage and/or deterioration have been identified.
Make sure that you are choosing the right lifting slings for the right applications.
While synthetic round slings are strong enough to lift heavy loads, chain slings are better alternatives when it comes to sharp edged loads
Finally, when it comes to the actual lifting, avoid lifting loads over people and leaving suspended loads unattended.

They way the sling is used can change its load capacity – see here

Complimentary Sling Inspection Record Sheet


1000kg, 2000kg, 3000kg, 4000kg, 5000kg, 8000kg

Length in Metres

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8